About the Artist

Tina Davies trained as a potter in the Lake District, England and Antigua in the Carribean. She then continued her studies for two years in Art & Design back in England. Finally, she completed a BA (hons) Ceramics degree, in Cardiff, Wales. During her degree her interests became directed towards nature where she painted the human figure and floral subjects onto clay.

This is also where she discovered her passion for painting with her hands, using inks for their dynamic colour and flowing qualities. Tina then helped to create and run an art gallery for four years in Brighton, England, where she curated exhibitions for Applied Arts. On making the decision to close the gallery and follow individual ambitions, Tina began painting again. Her love of nature surrounds her and she has found a way to express life through her work.

"...I am passionate about painting and gardening. Divinely I have found a way to marry the two. I work vigorously removing all thought, the immediacy excites me. I paint with my hands allowing a closer relationship to the subject, inks and paper and enabling myself to flow with the experience of the process itself. I paint from the heart aiming to capture the synergy of nature."

Grogrogro Design was created in November 2003.

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